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A Few Comments About the Band!!

 Thanks so much for playing the Black Tie Party a week ago Saturday night. I so enjoy the different kinds of music you play.  I hope to catch you net time you are at Chicago's Restaurant. Y'all are awesome. Thanks for triggering my memories!  Jana  Feb. 2015

You guys were a HIT! Everyone wanted you back on Nov. 03 for election night but we know you are already booked. The made the whole event wonderful.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.  I will put you guys at the top of my entertainment list of "GO TO's and definately will be referring you to friends, businesses and groups looking for wonderful entertainment. 

With Great Appreciation. 

Debra Williams 

Councilwoman Kennesaw and 

Debra for Mayor  October 2015

Just a quick note to express our thanks for making our party one 

of the best Serendipity parties.  You could hear the excitement

of the people at the party when you came in the room.  The dance

floor was always full even until 11pm. You didn't expect that.  lol

Your lights and band setup added so much to our Mexican theme.  

We look forward to working with you again.  So much fun to learn of

our airline connection.

Hope to dance to your music soon.

Melanie Spain 

Serendipity Team C  June 2016

We continue to get positive comments about the band, the songs and singers.  You folks ROCK!  Thanks.

5/20/15   Jim   Serendipity Dance Club.

You were fantastic! It's obvious from the dance floor being full all evening. 

August 2015 

Social Chairman Black Tie Atanta Club

You were fantastic! You Made the Party!  Thanks so much 

March 2015  Shauna

Then band was fabulous for our wedding. Perfect. Thank you so much, you made our special occassion.  June 2015, Theresa

Lots of favorable comments about the band last night.  You guys always do a terrific job for us.

Next party sometime in Jan/Feb 2018.   Hope we’re all still around.  June 2016


Once again your band Last Call was the hit of the party. Your professionalism and selection of songs were great!  Thanks so much.

John  August 2016

I  just wanted to say how much fun we all had tonight at the legion, your band brought new life to the place for a Saturday night! Hope you get to come back!!!!!  Pat C.   August 2016

Thank you so much Jack.  Everyone loved having you and many comments have been made that you all were the best band we have ever had.  The music list was perfect for our crowds and I could literally see the enjoyment they were having when I came out.  You are welcome back anytime, I will get in touch with you as soon as booking opens up for next year!  Thanks again, you guys were awesome! Jan. A. Coosawatee River Resort Pickin On THe Porch October 2016 

Last Call was great at the Alpharetta American Legion last night ! 
Ruben. August 2016

You guys were fabulous! !! Thank you so much for a great night. Catch up soon:-)  Katie Troline, Superintendent Parks and Recreation, City of Roswell, Georgia,  Sept. 2017

Thanks so much for a wonderful evening. You made our event a super  sucess! Sandra  Dec. 2016 Serendipity Dance Group!

It was a great venue and delicious food. Yet, what changed the event from an okay party to an extraordinary evening was the Last Call Band. Your music and the wonderful people in your band made all the difference. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to spend the eveningdancing to your music!

  Barbara Chastain Serendipity

January 2017

Thank you!! Thank you!! Heron Pond will never be the SAME! It was awesome and fun, and you all were GREAT!! Music Under the Moon became Music Under the Monsoon, and we STILL loved it all! Fran

Last Call You Did Great as Usual!
The Serendipity Club is a group of single friends that sponsor dinner dance parties approximately every two months.  The club is comprised of individual teams of up to 14 members each that periodically plan, fund and execute social events. For more information, or to request an application, please contact John Scarpa at

I wanted to send special Thanks for your support in 2017 for the Fantastic music

provided to Atlanta Black Tie Club.

Our Events were successful because of your Band, Singers & selections provided.

We appreciate each & everyone of your musicians.

Thank you from Saundra Kellam,

Atlanta Black Tie Club, Social Chairman 2017

God Bless all of you & your familes.

The band made everyone really enjoy the party, you folks sounded better than ever. Thanks for playing the music we requested and the other danceable ones. You were outstanding. Ruben May 2018


The Music was enjoyed by over 120 attendees last evening at the Country Club of Roswell.

Praise goes to each member of your Band.  Asking to add the French Flavor of many songs made it our Event of the Year.


You have been a true partner of Serendipity for many many years.


TEAM E.. Appreciates your support to us handling of  budgets & giving back  to our Membership the best of the best Music in Georgia.  



Team E

Ginger McGuffin,Alan Preiss, Emery Leonard, Norm Black, Arthur Jones, Ken Merritt, Arthur Jones, Patty Pastelyak, Bob Nacon, Linda Keogler, Mindy Scherer,  Cherie' Starck, Sarah Blauser, Anthony Futch, Saundra Kellam

June 09, 2018

Let me add my compliments as well, excellent evening, best music we've heard
in a long time.


American Legion Post 201
June  02, 2018

 Thanks for the best party ever....You all are the best Band and entertainment we could ever ask for!!!!   We all love you!!!

> Lisa Crumbley
> Resident Program Manager
> Celebration lives here every day.

> Brookdale Historic Roswell (BU 42430)  June 14, 2018

Norma Bishop Great evening! Thanks Last Call Band for the best selection of music for dancing, and especially for the last song of the evening, "Tennessee Whiskey"!  

April, 2019 Metropolitan Club

You all were awesome!!  Great fun... had everyone up and dancing all night! Will be in touch for next year’s Christmas Party !
Have a wonderful Christmas with family and friends... know it has been a busy time for you . Linda G Keogler


Hello Jack,

The Last Call Band was a big hit at the New Year’s Eve Party last night !  I asked each new dance partner what they thought of the Band and they all said….GREAT !

Thanks for including some ballads for me and my peers, Dec. 31, 2018 Ruben

Last Call MADE my daughter’s wedding reception!! Thank you so much! You rock! Donna 2018

Great evening! Thanks Last Call Band  for the best selection of music for dancing, and especially for the last song of the evening, "Tennessee Whiskey"!   
April 2019

We always try to go to see y'all at Club 201 American Legion in Alpharetta when you are playing there.

Please add me to your email list of your events.

Enjoyed the show last night.

Mark    July 2019

Had lots of folks tell me how much they enjoyed the Band and the 

very danceable music.

Please tell the Band members that they were great last night.

Best wishes,

Cesar Hernandez  August 2019 Serendipity Dance Group

A note to let you know what a fun time

our group had at our Christmas Party at The Country Club of Roswell.
You guys did a great job of getting everyone up to dance!   Atlanta Black Tie December 2019  Linda

You guys are awesome.   You were the glue that held the whole beautiful event together.   I hope our paths cross again.

Peter Powlus  Dance Instructor  ROSWELL WOMAN's CLUB  June 05, 2021

You and the band made the Party!!  I have forwarded your complimentary email on to the Committees chairs and the hostess.

Thank you for playing at Boots and Bling!!  Roswell Woman's Club June 05, 2021  Judey Aube

  Mark and I had a great time!   So glad we came!Last Call was terrific…just wish I had worn some shoes I could dance in.  Great music and visiting    Mark and Margie  Pickin On the Porch Ellijay  June 12, 2021

Bobby Seman The band was wonderful last night and it seems for me that you are sounding better and better ,thank you for a great fun evening ... April 2019

Thank you!! Thank you!! Heron Pond will never be the SAME! It was awesome and fun, and you all were GREAT!! Music under the Moon became Music Under the Monsoon, and we STILL loved it all!!  Fran Heron Pond, June 2019

Looking Good Last Call Band, you were fantastic last night.
Atlanta Black Tie Club loves you.   Gary Bruce President Atlanta Black Tie Dec. 06, 2019 

We LOVE The Last Call and have made reservations for 16 people at Houcks when you’re there in January! 

Thanks,     Dec. 2019 

Roswell Womens Club

You were all out of this world last night, ya'll Rocked!! Jana, Serendipity Outer Space Party Feb. 2020

  1. =
    We had a GREAT time dancing the night away with the best music from our favorite band🕺.   And spending your break chatting with us.  Thanks to all y’all!!! 

  2. Maybe we’ll see y’all New Years...depending on dogs

  3. Margie and Mark Wells

  4. Dec. 19, 2020

We always enjoy seeing you guys it’s such a breath of fresh air to hear your music.  Looking forward to the next time we get to see you. 
> We really do like lucky so it was our first time ever going there.
> Have a great day.
> Beverly  July 2021

You guys Rock!  You were a blast on Saturday Night!  Please add me to your mailing list. 
June 2021   Wm. Bennett


 Thanks again for a fabulous evening! Best ever - and that’s saying a whole lot. Y’all were awesome.
Laura Jones   Rowell Womans Club June 05, 2021   

Your band is awesome!  Always  people up to dance or tapping their feet Or just enjoying the singing….Thank you Jack. 
Linda Koegler,
Atlanta Black Tie   Dec. 04, 2021

The Band Made The Evening. Everyone kept on dancing. Can't wait to book you for next year.  Love your music.. Thank you!   Marsha   Jan. 2022

thank you all for a fun evening!  We all really enjoyed your group and will definitely be reaching out to you next year!    May 2022  

Pam, Southern Ties

People called today and passed along outstanding comments about Last Call Band. It was a terrific job.  Serendipity at Metropolitan Club June 2022..

Jack, it went so well that people stayed around longer than they normally do. The music was great. Hopefully we will see you again soon. Carl  June 2022

Herb, Thanks for the party the band was excellent!
August 08, 2022

IMG_4958 (1).jpg
Jack Black and White - Copy.jpg

Everybody was happy! So many comments about the band. You should be proud! Bill Hare
Serenipity June 2022

Great seeing you and thank goodness your great band.!!

Fantastic job!  Saundra June 2022

IMG_5337 (1).PNG

Wonderful Party Thank you Last Call Band August 2022  Country Club of Roswell


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